Big Sky Towing And Recovery

Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

"Josh is a lifesaver! We had a flat tire on our rental RV, and randomly saw him filling up at the gas station while Cruise America was failing to find someone to come help us (the rental RV does not have a jack for changing to the spare tire...). I asked if he could help us, and he took time out to change the tire, and even talked to Cruise America roadside assistance so they could pay him directly. He was also kind enough to point us to a local Firestone that is open on Sunday, so we can get the leaky tire replaced and have a good spare for the rest of our road trip. 5+ stars for sure - thank you Josh!!!" --- Brian Mankinen

"They are super fast! Especially when precious cargo is involved! Thank you" -  Nicki Erickson

"Josh did everything and took me home at assist living. i am 80 years old and if you have a personell record for your employees...please put a good word in for him! Thank you very much." -  Rita White